Monday, March 24, 2014

Say Something!

I am working on a new novel, actually it's been in the works for a few years, but I finally feel it's almost ready.  Anyway, this weekend I was working through one of the hardest scenes in the book emotionally, and yes I'll admit I was a bit misty-eyed, when I heard a song.  This song embodies the essence of what one of the main characters is feeling at that moment and if I were to see it playing on the big screen, this is the song that would be playing in the background.  So I thought I would share the song, and as the novel moves along, I may give you a few more glimpses.


I actually found another version that gives a more powerful inference to my story with its visuals, however, the artists are amazing in both and the song is not only heartbreaking but beautiful.

So how does music influence your writing?  Do you have playlists to help your vision come to life, do you need music playing while you write, or does it help you identify with your characters on a deeper level?  I would love to know your thoughts on the subject.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tales of a Captive Heart Anthology!

I have something exciting to share.  If you have been curious about my novellas, Takoda, Soyala (Time of Winter) In My Soul, or A White Dove Comes, you can now find them all in my new anthology, Tales of a Captive Heart.  Check it out at Amazon! 

Thanks again Books To Go Now.

Tales of a Captive Heart

Vernal Equinox!

In light of today being the vernal equinox, I have done some spring cleaning and brightened up my blog.  Hopefully... this will be a new beginning for me, and I will be faithful in posting and keeping everyone updated on my latest work. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Just In Time For The Holidays - A White Dove Comes!

I am excited to announce that my latest novella, A White Dove Comes, is now available at Amazon. 

Read more here:


Anna is accompanying a group of settlers traveling from Texas, across the Red River, to get much needed supplies from Fort Arbuckle in Oklahoma.

On their return home, they are ambushed by a band of Chickasaw Indians, and the settlers are all killed, with the exception of Anna, who is seen as less of a threat because of her dark hair.  This is not the only reason she is spared, however.  She quickly finds favor with one of the young braves, Ohiteka, especially when she explains that she can be of value to the tribe using the food and supplies the settlers had gotten from the Fort as a bargaining tool.

Although Ohiteka is taken with the young woman, it is not until he makes his spirit journey that he is convinced she has been sent to him by the Great One above. 

Anna, known as Chenoa among the Chickasaw people, learns of Ohiteka's desire for her, however, she and Ohiteka’s sister, Aponi, are captured by several young Choctaw warriors; enemies of Ohiteka’s tribe. 

Ohiteka forms a plan to rescue the woman he loves and his sister, but soon learns that one of the men helping him has a purpose of his own.  Hurritt is the one who saves Chenoa, making her his property—his slave.  He secretly awaits the death of his wife, so he can make Chenoa his woman.

Ohiteka finds a way to try and win back Chenoa by challenging Hurritt to fight him for her.  The bloody fight ends with Hurritt’s defeat and Ohiteka is permitted to take Chenoa as his wife. 

As you will see, life is not always easy for Ohiteka and Chenoa, but the love you feel for them is only magnified when they discover they are expecting their first child.  Their happiness, however, is shadowed with the hunt, for Ohiteka must leave with the hunters to bring meat back to the village for his people.   

The hunt brings more changes to their lives, changes that make Chenoa's life complete when Ohiteka saves her mother and two younger sisters, delivering them to the village, sparing them the same fate that befell the settlers when the story first unfolded.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Forbidden Kin On Sale!

If you have not yet gotten your copy of my novel, Forbidden Kin, it is on sale for $.99 at Amazon

I hope you will grab a copy and take advantage of the lower price.

Friday, June 21, 2013


I want to thank everyone who stopped by my blog during the Books To Go Now - Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop!  It was great fun and a great way to meet new people.

And... the winners of my prizes were Melinda Dartman and Andra Lynn.  I hope they both enjoy the prizes.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I have wonderful news!  Books To Go Now is hosting their first BlogHop, May 22-29, 2013, and I will be participating.  I will also be offering a free copy of my latest novel, Forbidden Kin, along with a $10.00 Amazon gift card for downloading your favorite Kindle Books.

You can click the link on the right side of my blog to get more details about the BlogHop and find out who is participating.

So stay tuned to my blog for more information on how you can win!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Pardon the pun, but for lack of a more appropriate title, how else can I begin to describe the feeling of being utterly immersed within the world you have created.  Actually, for me as a writer, I know I am on the right track when my characters follow me around throughout the day. 

If you find yourself wondering what your character might be thinking at any given moment, or how they would handle or react to a particular situation, or just can’t keep from writing the next line of your novel in your head while driving to work, then you are truly sleeping with the character.

Actually, one of my favorite places to ponder the next move of my new character is when I first lay down in bed at night.  Also, many times when I first wake up, I will have the plot rolling through the fog in my mind and have found that if I jump up and jot those ideas down, they often become concrete notions to further develop my story.  And if you find yourself in the same situation, heed my advice, write it down before you brush your teeth, because it has a tendency to fade or take on new meaning if you don’t capture those vivid images before going about your daily routine.

I also find that the writing is much easier when you have this connection with your character.  The old adage, ‘out of sight out of mind’ fits while creating your next masterpiece.  If you are not thinking about your book and actively calling upon the characters to speak to you, they may very well remain silent.

So take time everyday to visit that quiet place in your mind where new worlds are created, lovers unite, and new friendships are formed, in an effort to keep your writing alive and well.  The creative process needs to be nourished, otherwise it will wither and die, making it more difficult than ever to finish your story or start a new one.

Does it sound like I am speaking from experience?  I will be the first to admit there are times which are harder than others to stay connected and focused on my work.  But when that spark ignites, I find my way back to the keyboard once again.

I can’t think of a more rewarding and satisfying pastime, whether it’s writing a paranormal, contemporary, historical, or regency romance.  For me, a key component for my interest is the romance.  My passion, however, lies with historical tales of Native American’s falling in love with their captives, and the prim and proper women in an English backdrop being tempted by the handsome men in their lives.

This brings me to my latest novel, Forbidden Kin, which was published in December of 2012, by Books To Go Now.  A regency romance, set in none other than England during the 1800’s, is a sensual tale of forbidden love, half-truths, and slight deception. 

Faithston Billows, orphaned and alone, is taken in by her uncle, Marston Wilmouth.  Learning of his death upon her arrival at Thrushright, she fears she has no where left to call home.  But she soon learns this will be her home and finds more there than she bargained for.

A surreptitious bequeathal in Marston’s will could change her future, but her strength is tested by trials of the heart, a love she cannot have, a man she does not love, and the woman who is devoted to her every need.

For more information about my work and upcoming projects, visit my blog T.M. Hobbs Blogspot.  You can also follow me on FaceBook TM Hobbs Forever, on Twitter Hobbsforever, at GoodReads T.M. Hobbs - Author, at Books To Go Now Books By T.M. Hobbs, and Amazon Author Pages Author T.M. Hobbs. 

Also, you can find my published works by clicking the covers located on the right hand side of my home page, or by using the links provided below.

Crystal Tears Forever 


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Voice In The Forest

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Born Free


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Soyala (Time of Winter) In My Soul


Forbidden Kin

Forbidden Kin will be available for free at Amazon March 10-11, and March 22, 2013.  I hope you will drop by Amazon, pick up a copy, and let me know what you think.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Today!

I wanted to spread the word that my latest novel, Forbidden Kin, is available at today and tomorrow for FREE!!  Please get your copy and let me know what you think.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Forbidden Kin!

I am excited to announce that Books To Go Now has published my latest novel, Forbidden Kin, which is available at  I am very proud of this story, because I have finally brought to life a lovely historical romance.  The regency period was a romantic time when women's affections were sought after with a fervor.  It was a time when to love and be loved was of the utmost importance, if one was so lucky.

Faithston Billows finds she is alone after the death of her father. Through the kind mercies of her uncle, Marston Wilmouth, Miss Billows is given a home in Profdin, at his estate known as Thrushright, however, upon her arrival; she learns that her uncle died two weeks earlier, but her fears of not having a home are laid to rest, and she is welcomed at Thrushright.
Faithston is faced with many trials of the heart, however, as she finds herself at the center of the desires of others including Alden Winthrop, the young, and very handsome, head of her uncle's estate, Marian, the lady's maid, given the task of seeing to her every need, and James Croston, the older, distinguished neighbor and longtime friend of Mr. Wilmouth.
Although Faithston has chosen to love only one, she feels that this love is forbidden to her because of the nearness of kin. Therefore, she seeks to satisfy her heart, settling for someone whom she hopes she can learn to love in time.
Forbidden Kin is a sensual tale of forbidden love, half-truths, and slight deception which unfolds as Alden uncovers the bequeathal in Marston's last will and testament. The conditions, however, must be adhered to implicitly.
Alden encourages Faithston to follow through with the plan he has conjured up for her future, even if she finds the deception distasteful.
Follow Miss Billows through these obstacles and triumphs which will forever change her life.